Hi, I'm a keen amateur photographer and out and about several days a week, rarely without a camera. As you can see from the images posted I m particularly interested in natural history.

I'm not a purist and do clone out any distractions like a blade of grass or a bright highlight. I think this is much preferably to disturbing the habitat of the subject. I don't change skies etc in landscape images or take a bird out to make an odd number. So my images do represent pretty much what I photographed.

I have a very keen interest in fungi and have studied them for many years. Although I photograph anything that I think will make a picture I do have a leaning towards macro subjects. I often use a tripod as I think this aids composition and certainly improves sharpness. I use reflectors and flash to fill in shadows and occasionally use flash as the main light source.

Instead of just leaving my images hidden away on the computer I thought I would post some of them on a website and hopefully provide enjoyment to others. I also post on the Blipfoto website where I'm known as Chris100.

When time permits I will add a comments page so that you can give me some feedback, good or bad. I hope to regularly add images and maybe change some existing ones over time.