I enjoy photographing architecture, although I don't do as much as I would like. Lucky in where live as I can get get to London within an hour. Most of my London images are taken with the hand held as using a tripod on the streets of London is not easy. Also getting far enough away from building to minimise key stoning is not easy without a tilt/shift lens.


Lloyds Building, London

 DSF4629 Nik HDR CC Edit

Five images taken at 2 stops apart hand holding the camera. The HDR image was produced using Aurora HDR software, after which the basic adjustments and cropping were made in Lightroom. Transferring to Photoshop for a small amount of cloning to remove nearby buildings that had crept in along the edges. Conversion to Monochrome was done in ON1 software Black & White filter. 

AP-C Camera ISO 200
Wide Angle zoom @ 11m



 RAF Church, London

DSCF6545 Edit

Five images taken at F8 ISO 1600 on an , hand held with a short zoom lens set at 44mm. Three images used to produce the HDR file using Nik HDR 2. Normal adjustments then performed in Lightroom. Transferred to Photoshop with the B&W conversion done in ON1 software.

AP-C Camera  ISO 1600
Standard Zoom @ 44mm




  The Handset, London

Aurora HDR 1 4655

Five hand held images taken. Three images used in Aurora HDR software to generate the HDR version. Adjusted in Lightroom, transferred to Photoshop for minor adjustments. 

AP-C Camera ISO 200
Wide Angle Zoom @ 15mm




 Old and Modern, London

Don't know which church this is, will have to find out on my next visit. I like the light catching the top left of the tower block. Four images taken hand held. Processed using Aurora HDR then  Lightroom with conversion to monchrome with Topaz Back & White.

AP-C Camera ISO 200
Standard Zoom @ 44mm



 The Elizibeth Tower London

DSCF2701 Edit

This has obviously been cropped to make vertical letterbox image. Normal adjustments in Lightroom and imported into Photoshop where the sky has been darkened and some Topaz Clarity aplied. 

AP-C Camera ISO 200
Standard Zoom @ 41mm







33 Cavendish Square London

 DSF5783 Edit

This was taken on a trip to London where I just wndered around and photographed what appealed to me. I thought this was worth a frame because of the little cloud just in front of the top. It was processed in Lightroom and converted to monochrome with Topaz studio.

AP-C Camera ISO 1600 Hand Held
Wide Angle Zoom @ 12mm
1/125 @ F16




Hampton Court Palace



A visit produced a large number of images both of the building itself and the inside.There are many stairs, I just liked this particular image. It didrequire a little post processing due to the high contrast keystoning caused by using a wide angle lens.


 AP-C Camera ISO 1600  Hand Held
Wide Angle Zoom 10-24mm @ 10mm.
1/6s @ F8