Although I enjoy taking landscape images, I'm not very good at getting up early in the morning or staying out late in the evenings which means most of my images are taken during the winter months when the sun is lower in the sky. Rightly or wrongly I often enhance landscapes to give them more impact and colour, while hopefully keeping them realistic.


Hartstop Dodd, Brothers Water, Lakedistict

 DSF4339 Edit 2

This was taken in the winter on a walk around brothers water in the Lake District. I was drawn to this image by the sun shining on parts of the mountain.

AP-C Camera ISO 200  Tripod Mounted
Standard Zoom Lens @ 28mm
1/140s @ F16


Waterfall, Aira Beck, Lakedistrict

 DSC5056 Edit

Spent a day walking along Aira Beck photographing the many waterfalls. I took several images of each waterfall using different shutter speeds to make a set of images with different water blurs. Choosing what I thought looked the best later on the computer. 

Full Frame Camera ISO 50  Tripod Mounted
Standard Zoom Lens @ 40mm
1/3s @ F16



Beech Trees Autumn

 DSF5286 Edit

I like autumn, plenty of colours to photograph, although quite difficult to make original images. Beech trees are my favourite as I love the orange colours, they seem to give images a warm inviting feeling. This one was taken in some local woods.

AP-C Camera ISO 200  Tripod Mounted
Standard Zoom Lens @ 44mm
1/15s @ F11


 Cloud Cover

DSCF2289 Edit 2

Taken on a not so nice day during a walk around Grassmere Lake, Lake District. I took the image as I liked the clouds slipping down the side of the hill with just a couple of brighter patches to give a little lift to the image.

AP-C Camera ISO 640  Hand Held
Sanded Zoom Lens @ 110mm
1/60s @  F11


 The Langdale Pikes, Lakedistrict

 DSF5043 Edit

I'm quite familar with the Langdale Pikes although I've not been to top. I've photographed them from several different view points over the years. The lighting on the top of Harrison Stickle caused me to take this one. 

AP-C Camera ISO 200  Tripod Mounted
Standard Zoom @ 100mm
1/40s @ F11