I like monochrome images, but I always capture in colour.  At the capture stage I often take an image with monochrome in mind. Although quite difficult to do, hopefully as I practice more I will get better at it.  Natural history does n't often work well for monochrome. Subjects like architecture and people work well often better in monochrome than in colour.


Woman on Seat

 DSF4918 Edit 2

I came across this image while walking my dog in a local park. She is almost in silhouette sitting there enjoying the sun framed by the tree. Lightroom was used for the normal adjustment with the conversion to monochrome done in Topaz Black & White. Topaz was also used to add some enhancements to give the final look.

AP-C Camera ISO 200  Hand Held
Standard Zoom at 60mm
1/140s @ F8



 DSF3297 Edit

These are the stairs to a underground car park which I saw as a monochrome graphic image at capture. Normal adjustments were made in Lightroom, converted to monochrome using Topaz Black & White, with final enhancements in ON1 Effects

 AP-C Camera ISO 1600  Hand Held
35mm Lens
1/35s @ F8




Balancing Act

 DSF4215 Edit

This is a street performer,where I decided it would work as a monochrome during processing. He was laying on the ground so I lowered myself to his level to capture the image. Processed in Lightroom, converted to monochrome using Silver Efex Pro 2 with final adjustment in Topaz Studio.

 AP-C Camera ISO 200  Hand Held
Standard Zoom @ 135mm
1/220s @ F5.6




Horse Chestnut Trees

 DSF8614 Edit 2

This was an experiment in long exposure photography having just read an article about it. It was on a bright sunny day and to get a long exposure I used 10 stop neutral density filter. This gave the clouds their streaky look. There was a light wind blowing which made the leaves on the trees soft.   with a .  . Processed in Lightroom and converted to monochrome with Topaz Black & White.

AP-C Camera ISO 100  Tripod Mounted
Wide Angle Zoom @ 15mm
243s @ F16


 Old Oak Tree

 DSF5689 Edit

This was taken on a short walk in a local park, with a camera and lens. Didn't see much to photograph, in the end took a couple of images of the top of this tree. Usual processing in Lightroom, then converted to monochrome with Topaz Studio. Selected the mono presets to see if I liked any. Picked this one as I thought it produced a more intersting result.

APS-C Camera ISO 200 Hand Held
Standard Zoom @ 22mm
1/110s @ F11



 Frosty Morning

Oak Trees

Taken on a frosty morning when there was a hoare frost, turning the grasses and trees white. Since this image was taken one of these trees has fallen. 

APS-C camera ISO 800 Hand Held
Wide Zoom @ 46mm
1/40s @ F16




A Little Bit of Snow

 DSF5509 Edit

A dull cloudy day with jusy a sprinkling of snow, changes the feel of the image.Monochrome often works best on cloudy days.

APS-C camera ISO 800 Hand Held
35mm Lens
1/50s @ F8



In The Woods

 DSF8008 Edit 2 PS ON1 TP

I like monochrome images of trees, when out walking I always look patterns or shapes in trees. I darkend the edges and added contrast to the centre to give it a moresisister feel.

APS-C camera ISO 1600 Hand Held
Short Tele Zoom @ 50mm Lens
1/50s @ F8