I don't do a lot of bird photography, now and again I put a long lens on for a few hours. Occasionaly I will visit a local WWT where I have a choice of captive and wild birds . I  take mainly portraits which I don't think make the most interesting images.



Owl DSF5918 Edit 2

This was taken at a local Wildlife & Wetlands Centre, although this bird has spectacular plumage it was the colours in the water that attracted me and I think makes the image more interesting. The bird was very much on the move which meant a fast shutter speed was necessary.  

 AP-C Camera ISO 3200  Tripod Mounted
100-400mm Lens
1/750s @ F8


Great Crested Grebe

 DSF6841 Edit Edit

This was taken on a local pond where they breed. It's a popular area so they are accustomed to people and will sometimes allow a fairly close approach as in this case. 

 AP-C Camera ISO 200  Hand Held
100-400mm lens @ 4000mm
1/450s @ F8



Gulls in the Mist

 DSF3280 Edit 2

This again was taken on a local pond on a misty morning, which gives a nice soft background. I don't think the image would have worked without the reflection giving a symmetry to the image. Taken using tripod  ,  ISO 640.

 AP-C camera ISO 640  Hand Held
100-400mm lens @ 320mm
1/125s @ F8


Mute Swan

DSCF1274 COP Edit

A very common bird probably over photographed, but then they make nice images. The low sun giving the water and feathers these lovely soft colours made the photograph worth taking. 

 AP-C Camera ISO 200  Hand Held
100-400mm lens @170mm
1/110s @ F8




 DSF2983 Edit 2

This Jackdaw was resting on a fence at an outdoor cafe waiting for the next meal to turn up. I, luckily had a long lens with me. 

 AP-C Camera ISO 1600  Hand Held
100-400mm lens @ 290mm
1/340s @ F8


 Gadwall with Young

 DSF9858 Edit

I not seen these ducks breed at this location before, they were a little way off, necessatating a crop for this image. 

 AP-C Camera ISO 400  Tripod Mounted
100-400mm lens @ 400mm.
1/500s @ F8