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I really should photograph more flowers, there are plenty to choose from and they can be available throughout the year. I image all sorts of flowers from wild, garden, exotic etc. Wild and garden flowers are the most challenging as we seem to get very few windless days.



 DSF0470 Edit

This close up was taken hand held at a flower show with a . The lens  will focus 
to half life size. Several images were taken to make sure there was one sharp and focused on the top of the stigma. Adjusted and cropped in Lightroom & Photoshop.

 AP-C Camera ISO 500  Hand Held
Lensbaby velvet 56mm Lens
1/80s @ F8


Cultivated Rose

 DSF5872 Edit

This rose bought at the local supermarket and photographed on a lightbox. It had the usual adjustments in Lightroom and changed to monochrome in Photoshop where the white background inverted to black.

AP-C Camera ISO 200  Tripod Mounted
Standard Range Zoom @ 124mm
1/2s @ F11 ISO 200




APC 0020 Edit

This image taken at a local garden centre with a phone camera and adjusted and cropped in Lightroom & Photoshop.

iPhone Camera ISO 25 Hand held
1/470s @ F2.2





20150520 DSC5867 Edit

A very common plant during the summer months. This one was buried deep in grass. to make it stand out more and to make for a more interesting picture, I desaturated the grass making the blue flower stand out. A shallow depth of field was also used to keep as much of the grass as possible out of focus.

Full Frame Camera ISO 200  Tripod Mounted
105mm Macro Lens
1/320s @ F3.5


Wood Anenome

Owl DSF2812 Edit

Taken in a local wood. I crouched down to get get a low perspective on the flowers.

AP-C Camera ISO 200  Hand Held
Wide Angle Zoom @ 10mm 
1/10s @ F8



 Herb Robert

 DSF7218 Edit 2

This flower was first pressed by drying in a microwave using a specially designed press and then photohra
phed on a lightbox.

APS-C Camera ISO 200
50mm Macro Lens
1/20s @ F11




 DSF6450 Edit


These flowers were in a vase on the windowsill when I noticed how they glowed with the backlight. Placed them in a light tent as close to the window as possible and covered the top and sides with a black cloth to maximize the back lighting. Processed in Lightroom, Photoshop and Topaz Studio.

APS-C Camera ISO 200
160mm Macro Lens
1/8s @ F11



2018 06 18 16 31 08 ARadius8Smoothing4 Edit 

This was taken from a very low angle which makes the flower stand out from the background. The background colour also complements the flower. A stack of 50 images was used to keep the flower sharp and the background soft.

APS-C Camera ISO 200
80mm Macro Lens + 1.4X
1/180s @ F5.6