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Fungi are probably my favourite subject, they don't move or blow in the wind but they often grow in damp dark inaccessible places. When fungi are around I spend a lot of time laying on the ground often in mud or water, there aren't many that grow at eye level. I find them difficult to photograph especially due to the lighting or lack of it and obtaining clean backgrounds. I don't do very much gardening, preferring to clone objects out in Photoshop as this creates minimal disturbance to the environment


 Bonnet Cap

2016 11 16 18 50 44 BRadius8Smoothing4 Edit Edit

This fungi was the same colour as the background, so to isolate the subject from the background a very wide aperture was required. To give adequate depth of field to the fungi a stack of images was taken shifting the focus point slightly between each exposure. 

AP-C Camera ISO 200  Tripod Mounted
90mm lens with Extesion Tubes







 Birch Bracket

20140927 DSC7733 Edit

A different approach taken with this image to show the habitat as well as the subject. A reflector was used to add some fill light to underneath of the fungi.

Full Frame Camera ISO 100  Tripod Mounted
24mm lens
1/8s @ F11



Meadow Coral

 DSF4832 Edit

This is a grassland species with the yellow contrasting nicely against the green grass. 

AP-C Camera ISO 200  Tripod Mounted
90mm Lens with Extension Tube
1/2s @ f11



 Yellowleg Bonnet

 DSF0721 Edit

This is a small fungi about 4cms high. It was back lit with a small single LED torch. 

AP-C Camera ISO 200  Tripod Mounted
90mm Lans with Extension Tube
1/6s @ F8







White Saddle

 DSF3630 Edit

This is a fairly common species with an unusual shape. Often quite contorted. There is a cloely related species which is black.

AP-C Camera ISO 200  Tripod Mounted  
50-140mm Zoom Lens @ 111mm with Extension Tube
1/6s @ F8




Amethyst Deceiver

 DSF0559 Edit

This is a common species that varies in colour depending whether it is young,old, dry or wet.

APS-C Sensor ISO 200  Tripod Mounted
90mm Lens with Extesion tube
1/2s @ F11






 DSF2427 Edit Edit

This fungi is usually found by smell, putrified meat. This is how it disperses its spores. The smell attracts flies which then eat the spores.
There was a wire fence in the background which I felt detracted from the image, these were removed in Photoshop.

APS-C Camera ISO 800 Hand Held (Didn't have a tripod with me)
50 - 140mm Zoom @ 130mm 
1/40s @ F11




Fly Agaric

2018 10 19 21 47 33 ARadius8Smoothing4 Edit KHT

This is a very common fungi usually growing with birch trees. This one was taken late in the day with a low sun back light and a little front fill in light. It's a stack of about 60 images.

 APS-C Camera ISO 200 Tripod Mounted
80mm Macro Lens with 1.4x Convertor
1/45s @ F4.0



Webcap Fungi

2018 11 09 18 49 42SP PS ARadius8Smoothing4 PS ON1 KHT

This fungi was past it's best when I phtographed it but I liked the colours and visible gills. It's a stack again of about 80 images. There are a lot of Cortinarius species and many are difficult to identify. This may be Purple Stacking Webcap.

 APS-C Camera ISO 200 Tripod Mounted
80mm Macro Lens
1/6s @ F3.6