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 XH10887 C  ON1 PS BHT ON16            


Street photography is a new genre for me as I only been trying it out for a few months. I'm finding it enjoyable, challenging and often a very nerve wracking. I tend to favour monochrome for the final images as it helps to disguise some of the background distractions and is often the best for images where people are dominant. Having read several books to learn about the genre and I now have an appreciation of what makes a good street photograph. As time goes by and I post more images I hope see a steady improvement. 


Waiting for a Train

 DSF3906 Edit
This was taken on a mainline London station. I was sitting beside the gentleman and he took no notice of me or my camera. He was too busy reading a paper.The usual processing in Lightroom and converted to monochrome in Topaz Studio. 


AP-C Camera ISO 200  Hand Held
Standard Zoom  @ 31mm
1/80s @ F8


Taking a Selfie

DSCF2705 Edit

Taken on Westminster Bridge, the couple were probably tourists from who knows where in the world,  using their selfie stick and phone with the bell tower in the background.


AP-C Camera ISO 200  Hand held
Standard Zoom @ 99mm
1/25s @ F11





Street Musician

 DSF2788 Edit
I liked the triangle formed by the musician, his bike and the case for collecting money. Adjusted in Lightroom and converted to monochrome using Silver Efex Pro 2


AP-C Camera ISO 200  Hand Held
35mm lens
1/680 @ F8



Taking a Picture

 DSF3609 Edit

This girl was stand
ing by the River Thames taking a photo of the other bank. Adjusted in Lightroom and converted to monochrome with Topaz Studio.

AP-C camera ISO 500  Hand Held
Standard Zoom at 135mm
1/200 @ F8


Sending a Text

DSCF2655 Edit
I took this image as I likred the building at the end of the street with the street building leading the eye from the man sitting on the window ledge into the picture. Processed in Lightroom and converted to monochrome in Topaz Black & white.

AP-C Camera ISO 200  Hand Held
Standard Zoom @ 37mm.
1/200s @ F6.4


 Three + One

 DSF5747 Edit C

 DSF5747 Edit M

Waited near this shop window and photographed several peolpe walking past from both directions. This gentleman very kindly stopped in just the right position. I could not make my mind up whether I preferred the monochrome or the colour version.

 AP-C Camera ISO 1250 Hand Held
Wide Angle Zoom @ 20mm
1/125s @ F9




A walk along brick road in london to see some of the graffiti. Didn't find as much as I expected and some had a sign saying no photography. Maybe I didn't walk far enough along the road.The man entering the shop below provided some added interest.


AP-C Camera ISO 200  Hand Held
23mm Lens.
1/280s @ F8



Back Light

 XH10887 C ON1 PS BHT ON1

I visited this location of an old victorian passage twice before I managed to capture this image. It was busy with many people using it Had to wait to get just one person.


AP-C Camera ISO 6400 Hand Held
23mm Lens
1/25s @ F8